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Mission Statement


AORTA - A Multidisciplinary Journal Devoted to the Aorta and its First-Order Branches

(ISSN 2325-4637), Published bi-monthly, open-access and peer-reviewed

Aims and Scope


To allow more intensive treatment of aortic disease than is possible in current journals with broader scope.


This journal is to be devoted to diseases of the aorta, both thoracic and abdominal. Both occlusive and aneurysm disease will be covered. This journal focuses directly on the aorta and its first-order branches (innominate, carotid, subclavian, celiac axis, superior mesenteric artery, renal arteries, and iliac arteries). No other journal has this direct focus on the aorta. It is anticipated that articles will be included on imaging of aortic diseases, natural history of aortic diseases, surgical treatment of aortic diseases, percutaneous ('non-invasive') treatment of aortic diseases, new operations for these diseases, and new medical/surgical products and technologies for the care of patients with aortic disease. Also, basic scientific articles on aortic and great vessel disease will be included. It is anticipated that clinical series as well as laboratory reports would appear. Reports dealing with the intrathoracic great vessels and the proximal origins of the abdominal visceral arteries will be included. Trauma topics will be welcome.


The journal is expected to appeal to and be subscribed by a multidisciplinary group of specialists, including cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, vascular radiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiovascular anesthesiologists, engineers, and basic science researchers in vascular medicine. This multidisciplinary exposure is a specific motivation for development of this journal. This journal covers the spectrum of aortic research, from genetics and molecular pathophysiology of the aortic wall, through imaging technologies, through natural history, through monitoring and decision-making, to surgical and interventional therapies. The journal is intended to foster cross-fertilization of ideas between basic scientists and clinicians. This journal incorporates a number of educational scientific and clinical features and “entertaining” clinical segments not available in traditional journals (see below). The intent is to go beyond limitations and restrictions of current journals. An on-line version and website will provide a mechanism for extensive still visual content as well as video segments (e.g. surgical procedures). The journal is intended to be published monthly, with a possible less frequent run-in initiation. The Editorial Board is intended to be international, to encourage broad subscription.